Brain Magic Mastery

Hold on boo, before you take yet another program to help with your strategy...

Now, let's keep it 100. You've got countless programs already to help you with your strategy. 

Yet, you're still asking yourself why nothing is really working the way you desire it to. 

I mean sure, you still manage to get sales but you dream of doing even bigger numbers. 

What if I told you the key to getting there is already inside you?

Yes, it sounds cliché AF. 

But you know how powerful the brain truly is, and yet you still continue to seek the answers outside of you. 

In other words, the math ain't mathing here.

No worries though boo, cause in 4 hours you're going to experience the magic of your mind.


Experience the tools and techniques I use to help clients achieve big money goals

In just 4 hours you"ll:

Experience a multitude of subconscious shifting techniques to help get your dominating mind on board with helping  you achieve your desired outcomes

Access the next level version of you so that you can tap into the inherit wisdom that resides within you and know what your next steps are

Learn to create super powerful journaling experiences that reframe the disempowering thoughts that come up throughout the day

Clear disempowering energy through somatic practice

Create Your Own Personalized Subconscious Reprogramming Scripts 

Receive the exacts scripts used throughout the experience

Each script is customizable so that you can reuse them and plug in your current goals

Unlimited Access

When you purchase this class, you will receive access to the replays so that you can revisit them as many times as you want, whenever you want.


This client did $17k in 4 days. We rarely spoke of strategy (although yes it's important) and did some subconscious reprogramming, using some of the same techniques you'll learn in the class.

She was tired of the 1:1 work she was doing and was ready to step more into powerful group experiences. She had strategy. Hell, she taught strategy. But we had to go inward to clear some shit up and plant in new positive and empowering beliefs. 

Next thing you know, sis is out here getting her coin without the stress, pressure, and overwhelm. 

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Hey hey boo! I'm Quiana LaChé  

I'm a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, EFT, Time Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life & Success Coaching. 

I help female entrepreneurs create unshakable confidence in themselves and their business, become masterful practitioners that get their clients amazing results, and make them a magnet for abundance. Through connecting them with their inner queen, they create the life and business that aligns with their soul.